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  • Alpha Women
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    Kenyon Lomax

Alpha Women

Alpha Women

Three years ago, if I had tried to picture the life I live now, I don't think I could have done it. Not with any accuracy, anyway. Before we set out on the road I had a definite picture in my mind of what our life would be like - easy, carefree, full of camp fires and adventure. And it IS all of those things, but it's also a whole lot more complicated than that. Life on the road is sweaty and difficult. It means pulling over onto the side of the highway with three dogs to check on the transmission fluid leak in the middle of a nine hour drive to our new "home". It means never having the same vet, the same doctor, or the same grocery store. The little conveniences like knowing exactly how long it'll take you to get to the store and back home again are sacrificed and Siri becomes your very difficult-to-deal-with best friend.


Usually when I try to explain what our life is like, I'm met with a quick response about how that's something that's happened before on vacation so you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. The difference is, my life is not a vacation. Nothing about what we do EVER feels like a vacation. My husband works a minimum of 60 hours a week, but it's not unusual for him to work 80 at the beginning or end of a job. We don't have the TIME to do the things  most people think are normal parts of the work week, and that's left us unable to relate to most of our friends from back home.


Don’t get me wrong though – we don’t want a normal work week, either.

We live differently. That’s an indisputable fact. Every three or four months, we pick up, pack up, and move everything we own to another state. I like to call it moving to our “new” hometown. We don’t do this because it’s trendy or because we have “gypsy souls” or any other nauseating name society has decided to plague us with. We do this because we are pulling ourselves out of a cycle of poverty with our blood, sweat, and tears. Maybe that’s not a sparkly enough reason to be on the road, but I don’t really give a damn.  It’s why we’re here. Life on the road isn’t easy, and it doesn’t look anything like your Pinterest boards. We wake up (too early) every day and choose to do this because we want something different for ourselves and our children. We want MORE. We’re out here, on the true Last Frontier, busting our asses for freedom - for a different way of life - and we’re not sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.



This kind of life forms a kind of unspoken bond between people unafraid to take risks, get dirty, fail, start over, ask the hard questions, or challenge expectations. Over the past year or so I’ve found myself surrounded by fierce Alpha females, all unafraid to work to achieve their goals. I couldn’t be more thankful for this, because throughout the entirety of my young adulthood I have struggled with befriending women. I REALLY struggled. I know now that the source of my difficulty was my own insecurity, but at the time I really honestly believed that women weren’t worth befriending. I know I’m not the only one, either. Women STRUGGLE in befriending other women, and I’m here to tell you to step up and try harder. My friendships, through my business & my travel, have been my saving grace more times than I’d like to admit. It’s easy to feel like you’re losing your mind trying to keep up with everything it takes to be “successful”, and it’s REAL easy to do that when you’re eight or nine hundred miles from everything you’ve ever known.


There is no cap on success to be had in this world. I think most girls grow up feeling like female success is a threat to their own (I know I did), and that’s absolutely not true. I would actually argue that the success of those around me has undoubtedly contributed to my own. There are probably about a thousand memes floating around the internet affirming these sentiments in a catchy little blurb, but not enough of us are living these truths every day. Every single one of us can be as successful as we’re willing to work to be without ever taking away from one another. Knowing that, it’s pretty damn silly to let personal insecurities stop us from befriending one another. It’s pretty damn silly to let our personal insecurities stop us from doing anything, actually.


Life on the road has taught me the importance of authenticity – of real friendships and honest emotional engagement and support. It’s also taught me more about trucks than I ever really wanted to know. I’ve learned to appreciate small moments and air conditioning more than I think I would have otherwise, but more than anything I think I’ve learned to appreciate adversity and the way it brings people together. We’re all fighting tooth & nail for something in this world and the surest way to guarantee success in our own endeavors is to support others in theirs.

Alphas DO, in fact, run in packs.






If you're interested in affirmations from fierce women - check out the Dear Cowgirl series by Adrian Buckaroogirl.

  • Post author
    Kenyon Lomax

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