How Does Lay-Buy Work?

So, you want some Prairie Sky jewelry to add to your collection, but you need some time to save up for the perfect one-of-a-kind piece (or pieces)? Well, Prairie Sky has an option called “Put It On Lay-Buy” for such occasions.

Lay-Buy is exactly like layaway. After you have shop to your heart’s desire, view your cart and you will notice a pop-up offering the Lay-Buy option. Something like this:


Click the link and follow the directions. You will choose a down-payment between 20-50% (whatever works best for your budget) and up to 3 months to pay off the remaining balance. There will also be a one-time, non-refundable 1.9% admin fee charge. This will all be done through PayPal via automatic withdraw, so you can set it up and forget it.

You may also pay off your order early by simply emailing us at any time.

Once you have paid your order in full and the payment has processed, your order will move into cue to begin working on it and getting it out to you. Like other orders paid at checkout, you will receive email notifications regarding the progress of your jewelry.

Don’t let Prairie Sky Jewelry be out of your reach! We want everyone to have the option to wear something that makes them feel beautiful!

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