Your Guide to Visiting P Sky in Pawhuska, OK

Our store hours beginning Oct 24th will be 10am to 6pm Wednesday - Saturday

Our retail store will feature an ever-changing selection of our original jewelry designs as well as a bounty of classic styles. If you're looking for handcrafted, heirloom quality sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, this is the place to be.

Our owners & artists work behind the beautifully lit white curtain that separates our studio and retail spaces, giving you a retail experience unlike any other. Our carefully curated retail space features a limited selection of artwork from a few of our favorite artists, as well as the infamous yellow couch (perfect for pouty shopping partners to have a rest!) and a small selection of art & literary texts that inspire our work and collections. With The PW Mercantile on one end of the street and the Prairie Sky retail store at the other, you're sure to have a lovely visit to downtown Pawhuska, with plenty of shopping opportunities along the way!

We've put together a 'short list', of sorts, of our favorite places to frequent in town. Keep in mind we live here, so these are the places we regularly recommend to friends and family that have come to visit us over the past few years. This is far from a complete list of all Pawhuska has to offer, and we encourage you to explore all our sweet little town has to offer. You can't make a bad choice in this town!

Our favorite places to stay in Pawhuska:
The Historic Whiting Hotel (right above our store!)
Frontier Hotel 
PW Boarding House
The Black Gold Motel
Pawhuska also boasts a pretty extensive collection of Airbnb and Bed & Breakfasts! A quick search on the Airbnb site will show you the accommodations available for your stay - our favorites are Taylor Lodge, The Oilman's Daughter, & 

Our favorite places to eat:
Buffalo Joe's
Rancho Los Primos
Weekend food trucks outside of Dollhouse Road Brewing
The Merc & P-town pizza are also great, but not places we frequent often because of the crowds

Places to drink:
Dollhouse Road Brewing

Things to see:
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve (my very most favorite!)
The Swinging Bridge
Osage Nation Museum
The Ben Johnson Museum
Osage Hills State Park (between Bartlesville & Pawhuska)
Woolaroc Museum (outside of Bartlesville)

These are our personal favorite places to frequent in town. For a more extensive list, please check out the OK Tourism listings for Pawhuska:



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