Prairie Sky Jewelry Co

Butterfly Wings // White Buffalo + Butterfly Wing Earrings


Carefully crafted with sterling silver, genuine American turquoise, and ethically farmed + collected butterfly wings, our 'Butterfly Wings' earrings are nearly weightless. 

All butterflies used in our pieces lived a full, natural life and were not harmed in any way. Our wings are sourced from butterfly farms which support butterfly preservation. 

Though water resistant, these earrings are not 100% water proof and should be treated carefully, as wearable works of art. Each wing is encapsulated in a lightweight, durable laminate.

All PSJC pieces are carefully handcrafted entirely from sterling silver. Every stone we use (unless noted otherwise) is American mined and has been cut by American lapidaries. Please consult the policies tab for any questions.

This is a finished piece. Please allow 3-5 days for processing. An email will be sent with a tracking number when your piece is on its way!

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