About Us

Prairie Sky is built on one primary concept - heirloom quality. Every design, each individual piece, is meant to last more than one lifetime so it can be passed down for generations. We're passionate about family legacy and helping you build yours. Our pieces are so often chosen as gifts for the meaningful moments in life - we want those memories to last long after we're gone, so quality materials and integrity in design are absolutely paramount. 

'Heirloom' impacts all aspects of our work. We start with quality raw materials - sterling silver and 14k gold refined in the U.S. and stones directly from the source. We've worked hard to build relationships with our supply partners and are proud to consider many of our lapidaries our friends. We know their names. We know their dog's names. 

At Prairie Sky Jewelry Co, we pride ourselves on crafting gorgeous heirloom quality sterling silver & 14k gold jewelry at all price points. We believe in accessibility of art for all incomes, so we do our best to create beautiful pieces with prices ranging from the tens to the thousands without ever shirking quality or craftsmanship. We hold strong to our motto - “You’re a work of art - your jewelry should be too.”