Subscription FAQ's

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Subscription FAQ

How many pieces will be in each box?

For the most part, you can count on one really excellent piece in each box. Some months may be a couple items, but our focus is always going to be on giving you the best of the best with each box.

How will ring sizing work?

We will collect your ring size when you sign up for our box, but may also send out an adjustable ring occasionally. 

Can we specify likes/dislikes or will it all be the same for everyone?

You'll be able to choose your preferred necklace chain length, ring size, and wrist size for your subscription.

Could we skip months?

Yes! We've got a customer portal set up that will allow you to skip or cancel at any time, for any reason.

Would you have to buy every month?

No, but you will need to access your account and skip the months you don't want before you're set to be charged. You can do this by signing into your account on the website, or via any of the 'manage subscription' links sent in our subscription-related emails.

When will I be charged?

We'll charge on the 7th of each month and ship by the 15th. For the first month, you'll pay on the day you sign up and then won't be charged again until after you've received your first box. 


Will you share the pieces so non subscribers can decide if it's right for them?

We won't be releasing details on boxes before they go out, but we will keep a catalogue of prior boxes on a dedicated page on the site so y'all can see what they look like! It'll just take us a little time to accumulate photos since they do go out monthly. 

We also collect reviews on on our site, so you'll be able to read through real, honest reviews on the boxes, too!

Will my box have turquoise in it?

Yes! We won't guarantee every box will have turquoise, but that will be our stone of choice unless we're sending emails asking for preferences.

Is this Monthly? Seasonal?

We may eventually offer a separate, seasonal box, but this would likely not be subscription and would instead just be announced in advance with limited availability. This likely wouldn't happen until Spring, though!

If you skip a month, is that the same as cancelling? Will you lose your spot in ordering?

No - skipping and cancelling are different. Cancelling is saying 'do not charge me for this ever again' and will lose your spot, while skipping is saying 'do not charge me for this, this month' and does not lose your spot.

Can you upgrade and downgrade your tier anytime?

Yes - this will be available via your customer portal. We want as much flexibility for you as possible, so you will be able to cancel, skip, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription at anytime.

Will each order add to my Prairie Points?

Yes! Every subscription order will add to your loyalty points if you're signed up. If you're not signed up, click on the crown icon on the bottom left of the screen. 


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